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Monday 19th February 2024



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IDF Evening Webinar - Clinical Genetics: Back to the Future - what you really need to know now

Event Details

We are delighted to invite you to our Evening Webinar with Dr Ian Ellis who will be presenting on Clinical Genetics: Back to the Future - what you really need to know now.

This talk would be intended to be a back to the beginning look at where clinical genetics has come from and where next generation genetic testing has taken us.  To shine a light towards more informed medicine of the near future.  Minimising theory and focusing on a need to know basis for all doctors in practice

Learning objectives:

  •          How to take a basic family history and what this can tell you
  •          Genes and the environment - how important is nature and nurture
  •          Could this be genetic? and what should I do if I have identified a possible family predisposition
  •          Arranging genetic testing - a non-scary guide
  •          Consent, cost and caution to genomic testing
  •          What is chromosome microarray (CMA) testing?
  •          Can I ask for a genetic panel and what does this tell us?
  •          What does whole genome sequencing (WGS) give me, and what are the drawbacks?


Certificates of Attendance will be sent to those that have attended the full webinar. A Structured Reflective Template will be sent to you along with the link to join our webinar at least 24 hours ahead. Please ensure you are registered via our website in order that you receive a link to access the webinar.

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