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Wednesday 10th August 2022



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IDF Lunch Webinar - How did COVID change medical thinking? Are there lessons for the future?

Event Details

We are delighted to invite you to our Lunch Webinar with Dr Michael Gross who will be presenting on How did COVID change medical thinking? Are there lessons for the future?

Learning Objectives:

  • Thinking about this and any crisis, would we as individuals have handled the situation in a different way? 
  • Do you think that the medical fraternity could have reacted in a style that was more supportive of the patients who trust our opinion?
  • Do all laws and regulations such as the Mental Capacity Act, Human Rights Act and Access to Medical Information Acts apply in a crisis?
  • Are we the advocates of our patients – yes or no?
  • Hospitals closed, people with severe illness and injury on ITU's and patients with malignancy effectively died alone or were not allowed relatives to be in contact. Funerals, weddings, and other events and/or severely restricted and in retrospect was that correct thinking?
  • How many billions of pieces of PPE should be kept in store long term when the cost is millions of pounds each week to store?
  • What are your own thoughts about vaccination now and into the future and has the COVID programme undermined other vaccine strategies? 



Certificates of Attendance will be sent to those that have attended the full webinar. A Structured Reflective Template will be sent to you along with the link to join our webinar at least 24 hours ahead. Please ensure you are registered via our website in order that you receive a link to access the webinar.

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