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Monday 20th May 2024



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IDF Lunch Webinar - Robotic knee surgery vs custom-made knees: marketing hype vs proven tech — which is the best?

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We are delighted to invite you to our Lunch Webinar with Dr Ian McDermott  who will be presenting on Robotic knee surgery vs custom-made knees: marketing hype vs proven tech — which is the best?

Hip replacement is the gold standard for great outcomes in orthopaedics for joint replacement surgery. With knees, however, only about 80 to 85% of patients are actually happy with their new knee, which means that 15 to 20% are not (equates to nearly 15,000 to 20,000 unhappy patients a year in the UK). An unhappy patient shares their woes with many more people than a happy patient does, and hence, understandably, knee replacement surgery has a less than perfect reputation as a big, painful operation with far from 100% guaranteed outcomes. This is where modern technology steps in to help... 

Learning objectives:

  •  To understand the negatives of knee replacement surgery, why this is not a ‘perfect’ operation, and why a significant percentage of patients end up unhappy after standard knee replacement surgery.
  •  To understand the theoretic proposed / alleged advantages of robotic knee replacement surgery.
  • To understand the reported advantages of custom-made knee replacement surgery.
  • To gain an appreciation for and understanding of the published scientific evidence for and against robotic knees vs custom-made knees.
  • To help clinicians see through the marketing hype and gain an understanding of the genuine science behind cutting-edge modern-day knee replacement surgery, and how this can benefit their patients.



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