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IDF Complaints Handling Workshop

Tuesday 11th October 2022

The IDF Complaints Handling Workshop took place on the evening of Tuesday 11th October at the Medical Society of London and was open to all members and practice staff. The IDF recognises that receiving a complaint can be very stressful for doctors. The aim of the workshop was to support IDF members and those involved in handling complaints in getting it right at stage 1. Good complaint management and learning from complaints should enable organisations to enhance and improve the quality of care and service that they provide.

The workshop comprised a 90-minute interactive workshop led by Dr Alexandra Harkins, IDF Responsible Officer,  involving group discussions on complaints scenarios in line with the updated ISCAS Code. The workshop particularly focused on stage 1 of the complaints handling process ensuring that the four key principles of effective complaints handling are followed. 

Promoting a just and learning culture
Welcoming complaints in a positive way
Being thorough and fair
Giving fair and accountable responses 

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