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We seek to be recognised as the UK’s leading independent doctors’ organisation and are highly respected by the independent health sector whose interests we serve. As our organisation also plays a vital regulatory and educational role, we are held in very high regard by the wider health industry and its many different agencies.

Our reputation for excellence – the result of over 30 years in operation - is evidenced by the fact that we count some of the UK’s leading medical organisations and businesses amongst our corporate members.

All applications are made online and reviewed and approved by the Corporate Member Committee, usually within 10 working days from application. The annual corporate membership subscription is either £1,070 or £1,600 plus VAT depending on the size of the organisation.


The Benefits of Corporate Membership

Exclusive access to our members: As a corporate member you will have the opportunity to access our database of member doctors*. 

As well as this you will gain access to our member-only events, allowing you to make new contacts and utilise the networking benefits of corporate membership.

*Note – members are not obliged to share information with our Corporate members and have the opportunity to opt in or out.

Brand exposure: As a corporate member, you will have great opportunities - through a variety of different branding channels - to generate brand awareness for your business:

  • Your own dedicated company page on our website: This will enable you to showcase your business to your fellow members and the public, through your company logo, description, and contact details.


  • IDF Annual Journal: Showcase your services on a half-page advert in our 100+ page annual publication that gets circulated to the entire membership. This is the perfect opportunity for you to generate awareness of your brand to your peers right across the UK.

  • IDF Weekly: Highlight significant news in our weekly e-newsletters that are circulated to our members.

  • Event Sponsorship: Sponsor one of our wide range of social and educational events and your brand will be promoted in all correspondence we send about the event and we will send out your requested post event follow up to those who attended. Depending on the event there will be the opportunity to have an advertising stand, promotional materials distributed at the event and a speaking slot to present to members. 

If you have any queries about joining the IDF as a Corporate Member please us on 020 3696 4080 or info@idf.co.uk 

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