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IDF Specialist Committee PMI Position statement and campaign

Thursday 9th November 2023

The Independent Doctors Federation is committed to support its members and their colleagues and patients, who are increasingly affected by the influence the Private Medical Insurers have over the healthcare sector.  Our Federation will strive to ensure that:-

  • Clinicians have the freedom of choice when treating their patients and that Private Medical Insurers should not have the ability to restrict any treatment choices
  • That patients should understand what they are paying for and the value they get
  • Patients should be able to access the specialist of their choice.
  • Clinicians are able to set fees that enable them to focus on delivering an excellent and safe service.
  • There is a fair and objective appeals process for Private Medical Insurers derecognition.

As such over the next 6 months we will be developing a campaign that will call for immediate and overall systemic change to address these issues now and in the future.

The Independent Doctors Federation welcomes the chance to work with any UK independent practitioner, irrespective of their specialty or private workload volume, to represent and advocate for them to ensure that Private healthcare in the UK is a ‘first class bespoke healthcare service that protects the fundamental rights of a patient to access the care of their choice”.

Should you wish to find out more, on how we plan to help you and our strategy in place please contact ken@idf.co.uk

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