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IDF Staff Workshop, October 2023

Friday 27th October 2023

On October 19th & 20th, the IDF team gathered at the IDF office for a Staff Workshop. At the IDF, we are committed to the continuous improvement and dedication to the development of our staff, as well as the evolution of our organisation.

The workshop was dedicated to building stronger working relationships, reevaluating and exploring innovative avenues to enhance our membership, appraisal and event systems. Our staff came together to review and map out the processes, and delved into the intricacies of our operations.

One our primary goals is to foster the growth of our staff and reaffirm our unwavering commitment to our members, and the workshop was an essential part of that endeavor.

The workshop represents our ongoing commitment to progress, adaptability, and a shared vision for the future. We are exciting to pave the way for the IDF's journey ahead, and the workshop was a pivotal opportunity to foster our culture of growth and innovation. 

We thank our dedicated team for their active participation and look forward to the exciting journey that lies ahead as we continue to shape the future of the IDF. 

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