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Healthcode Ltd

Once upon a time – over 20 years ago, long before Bitcoin, TikTok and robotic surgeons were even a twinkle in the universe – we took our first baby steps into the world of encrypted online solutions for the private healthcare sector. A forward-thinking family unit – made up of key players in the sector – had a lightbulb moment. And from these ideas about a better way to connect healthcare businesses, the foundations of Healthcode were laid.

Now those baby steps have become giant leaps for the industry. Continually developing, responding and breaking new ground. Pioneering new ways to improve efficiency and banish ineffective admin processes. All in the interest of making the lives of those using our solutions easier.

We constantly use our expertise and knowledge to develop solutions which connect businesses across the sector. Whether it's bill clearing, The Private Practice Register (The PPR), secure information sharing or online appointment booking, we want to take the lead when it comes to the innovative application of technology to help you connect.