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Our specialist healthcare insurance team is one of the biggest in the UK. We strive to educate and train clients, to improve their risk profile, learn from past clinical errors or omissions and generally improve patient safety. Working as part of Lockton, the world’s largest privately owned insurance broker, we have significant expertise across the healthcare sector; helping our clients manage their risks and obtaining best in class insurance cover at very competitive rates.  We not only address the needs of our clients today, but we predict the changing environments in which our clients operate. Our claims advocacy approach recognises the personal & emotional aspects around potential negligence claims, and we provide a true ‘hand-holding’ service. 

We passionately believe continuous engagement with our clients and partners is key. Ensuring all those involved in patient care are fully engaged in the entire process, from initial consultation to final discharge, and are focused on prevention of harm, leads to better outcomes and less stress for all concerned. 

We're obsessed with giving our clients round-the-clock support and the very best customer care. Our belief is that good communication and speed are absolutely essential to resolve issues with patients, too. We want you to be able to get on with running your busy working life knowing that any and all issues are dealt with swiftly and painlessly.

Practition is a trading name of Lockton Companies LLP.