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Pindrop hearing

Diagnostic and Rehabilitation Audiology

Pindrop Hearing is an independent clinical audiology practice based in London. We have several clinics around London with our flag ship clinic on Harley Street. We offer a range of audiology services such as:

·         Diagnostic audiological tests such as Pure tone audiometry and Tympanometry
·         Advanced audiological tests such as ABR, OAE, ARTs
·         Speech Discrimination testing
·         Paediatric Hearing Assessments including VRA and ABR
·         Full vestibular testing including Calorics, vEMPs, VNG
·         Hearing aid Assessments providing the latest technology from the leading manufacturers
·         Ear wax removal via microsuction
·         Tinnitus and hyperacusis assessments

We accept self-referrals or patients referred by GPs, ENT doctors and other allied health professionals. Referring a patient is straightforward. Simply go to https://pindrophearing.co.uk/healthcare-professionals/ and complete our online form.

Our Hearing Assessment is the most comprehensive assessment available in London with a written report provided to all our clients. If a hearing aid is an indicative treatment option, as an independent clinic, we are best placed to select the best technology available so as to provide the best outcomes for our patients.